How DrupalCI works


Everyone who has ever submitted a patch has been working with DrupalCI. The project itself is maintained by the Drupal Association and has a very detailed roadmap on where they want to go with the project. During DrupalCon in Dublin, I have been talking with a lot of engineers from Drupal Association* in order to get a clear understanding on how DrupalCI has been build. It will take some time to learn the way of working of all the different components, so therefore I want to give you a small introduction on the architecture of DrupalCI.

Drupal stocks


I'm CIO of small but prominent company (IMHO). We are Drupal born company, created for one purpose: Drupal. We've started company based on knowledge gained on Drupal camps and cons sessions and talks spiced with love for open source and development in general. So what will this be about; well instructions based on our errors, and greatest challenges we've overcome while having 100% growth (so far), so how to buy and invest in Drupal stocks.

Simple stuff:
- toolstack
- computers
- devOPSing

Querying and manipulating Drupal 8 via core REST and Waterwheel


Configure REST resources, customize a REST resource's formats, customize a REST resource's authentication mechanism, GET,POST,PATCH,DELETE in Drupal 8 core, using waterwheel library to query and manipulate Drupal 8 via core REST, adding resources to waterwheel, getting resources within waterwheel, using methods for resources, getting and setting values on resources, using JSON API for getting resources


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