Efficient development workflows with Composer


Composer is a great tool for managing a project's dependencies - however, as with many tools there are various ways to use it. That's why this session will provide you an overview of possible workflows and shows practical solutions for building and deploying composer-managed projects. It covers experiences with handling Drupal projects and focus on approaches that can be shared across projects and team members.


Short Twig recipes for Drupalers


So you hopped on the Drupal 8 bandwagon and know the general concepts of Twig. But a general documentation can't give answer to all the specific problems you face when you work on a concrete project.

Fear no more: here I am! The man who neither able to answer all your specific questions… ;) But the man who faced with his own Twig riddles too and found solutions here and there. Who will be glad to share the Twig recipes he collected with you. Eg.:

How to create content layouts in Drupal 8


Creating layouts in Drupal is easy right? As site builders we can pick from variety of tools to do the job - Panels, Panelizer, Display suite, Ckeditor styles & templates or Paragraphs to name a few.
Join Inky & dasjo for a run-down of the considerations we have taken in 3 years of experience building real-world projects based on Drupal 8. We’ll do a comparison of the existing tools to implement content layouts in Drupal 8, explain what has changed from Drupal 7 and for which task you wanna choose which of the tools.
This session is for you, if you want to