Site building & case studies

How to create content layouts in Drupal 8


Creating layouts in Drupal is easy right? As site builders we can pick from variety of tools to do the job - Panels, Panelizer, Display suite, Ckeditor styles & templates or Paragraphs to name a few.
Join Inky & dasjo for a run-down of the considerations we have taken in 3 years of experience building real-world projects based on Drupal 8. We’ll do a comparison of the existing tools to implement content layouts in Drupal 8, explain what has changed from Drupal 7 and for which task you wanna choose which of the tools.
This session is for you, if you want to

Drupal 8 learnings as a site builder: Media, Paragraphs, Configuration Management & Display Suite

Sunday, October 9, 2016 - 10:45
I have worked as a freelance Site Builder & Front End developer on a few Drupal 8 projects and have learned a lot. In this session I'd like to share these learnings with you! I will guide you through the differences I found in site-building modules (Media & slideshows), which ones weren’t usable and what was used instead. I will also demonstrate how I used Media, Paragraphs, Configuration Manager & Display Suite.

Usability for site builders and site administrators


The administration interface should allow users to build sites ranging form simple storefronts to ambitious digital experiences - but currently it's not up to the job.
Usability improvements often focus on introducing exciting new modules, or on making the UI less confusing for new users - but there is also lot of room to improve the usability for the site builders and advanced administrators.