The perfect task - There in no such animal!


A journey to the perfect task - Spend a perfect day on the beach!

Is there a perfect task? Lets go on a journey to find out..
From the small simple task to a complicated one, from a single developer asignee to a complex task which involves large team members, dependencies , budget considerations, tight deadline and more...
A journey from the developer all the way to the CFO & CEO.

Community Collaborations 101


Drupal 8 is ready and it’s awesome! A lot companies have started to use it for small projects and customers love it. Problems arise when specific contributed modules are needed to fulfill special requirements. Questions like “When will this module be ready?” or “Are you planning to port this module to Drupal 8?” are appear constantly in issue queues and on social media.

Burnout at Scale


Scalability is the ability of a system to handle a growing amount of work, or its ability to be enlarged to accommodate that growth. What then, is burnout at scale?

Many of the current discussions about burnout focus on solutions aimed at the individual. Can burnout be approached as a structural issue, instead of an individual one? And, can we find solutions to prevent or mitigate burnout that can scale to meet organizational needs?

The aim of this talk is to encourage you to think about systemic approaches to burnout.