Docker for Drupal


Local development is always a challenge. First of all there are a lot of components that should be matched to reflect the actual production server and then there are also versions of PHP, MySQL, MariaDB that are needed to be matched. And on top of that all, some configurations are really hard to set up on local machine. And after all is set up and working there comes another project with different setup and versions. Not to mention if there is a need to revert briefly for some bug fix of a previous one.

The perfect task - There in no such animal!


A journey to the perfect task - Spend a perfect day on the beach!

Is there a perfect task? Lets go on a journey to find out..
From the small simple task to a complicated one, from a single developer asignee to a complex task which involves large team members, dependencies , budget considerations, tight deadline and more...
A journey from the developer all the way to the CFO & CEO.