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21 things I learned with Twig & Drupal

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - 10:45

Theming in Drupal8 was a massive shift from phptemplate to twig, but its more than changing the syntax. We changed the way of thinking about Drupal theming. Drupal twig theming is easy to learn, powerful, flexible and overall as awesome as warm coffee on a rainy day. The downside is that all the things you learned in Drupal now have to be relearned - Yes it's by design.

Over the last 4 years we (the frontend drupaltwig group) we got one burning question from the Drupal community.

“How I do this right the first time ? ”

Short Twig recipes for Drupalers


So you hopped on the Drupal 8 bandwagon and know the general concepts of Twig. But a general documentation can't give answer to all the specific problems you face when you work on a concrete project.

Fear no more: here I am! The man who neither able to answer all your specific questions… ;) But the man who faced with his own Twig riddles too and found solutions here and there. Who will be glad to share the Twig recipes he collected with you. Eg.:



This session will be consisting of 4 parts:
1) A overview of offline technologies and Drupal's place in it. We will quickly cover all the emerging offline / instant / fast technologies with simple examples. Showing their strengths, weaknesses and for which type of clients you can use them. (Google's AMP, Facebook's instant articles, the failed Appcache & Serviceworkers) Compared to what native apps give you, and what is this Progressive Web App everyone talks about

2) Frontend United's example: live demo of an offline webapp built in Appcache.