PHP-FIG: how the PHP world got off their islands

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For the longest time PHP projects were isolated initiatives, or islands as many popular non-fiction authors have been calling them. Each project employed its own rules and best-practices, and developers who were experienced at one project, would often feel like novices when looking at the other projects.

The work of the PHP Framework Interoperability Group, or FIG for short, has laid the foundations for collaboration between many popular PHP projects, including Drupal. Its portfolio of specifications (PSRs), made and used by the PHP community at large, is so ridiculously simple that most of it was and still is adopted rapidly. This in turn led to many small PHP packages being published and used by completely unrelated projects, a revolution in which Composer has played a pivotal role.

This session will put FIG in the spotlight and explain how the group works. It will also discuss the available PSRs and the ones that are currently under development. After attending this session, you’ll know much more about the worldwide PHP community and know everything you need to work with or develop framework-interoperable PHP packages.