Performance Problems: Tools & Training to Make Things Go Fast

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Performance problems are one of the most common complaints with Drupal sites for a variety of reasons. Accurately diagnosing performance issues is one of the most valuable skillsets a Drupal developer can have, but training on how to tackle these issues is scarce and often the underlying problems are not well-understood. In this session we'll cover the toolkit every developer should have to address performance: - Basic survey of common problems and missteps in building and operating Drupal sites - How to interpret the data available to you from Drupal, PHP, and your browser - Operating a performance profiler to start examining how your codebase behaves - Improved understanding of common back-end services such as MySQL, Redis, and Memcache - Using database logging and queryanalysis to identify problematic DB operations - Adding logging to help isolate the cause of specific scenarios and lead to the correct fix Anyone willing to look at a PHP file or database query is welcome -- no previous specific experience with performance issues is required.