Frontend & mobile
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This session will be consisting of 4 parts:
1) A overview of offline technologies and Drupal's place in it. We will quickly cover all the emerging offline / instant / fast technologies with simple examples. Showing their strengths, weaknesses and for which type of clients you can use them. (Google's AMP, Facebook's instant articles, the failed Appcache & Serviceworkers) Compared to what native apps give you, and what is this Progressive Web App everyone talks about

2) Frontend United's example: live demo of an offline webapp built in Appcache.

3) The technical explanation of the JavaScript prerequisites for using serviceworkers such as: Promises, fetch, Response/Request and Cache objects. Mobile functionalities PWA enables such as: background sync and push notification will be explained.

4) The final part will be a live demo from what PWA is able to do on an existing big project.

This session will be a merged session from nod_'s Drupalaton-talk and Swentel & MathieuSpil's talk in Drupal Dev Days mixed up with some new examples.