Drupal Contribution: Embrace the Community.

Experience level: 

Everyone agrees that open source contribution is a good thing to do. We are lucky to have so many types of contribution available to us through the Drupal codebase and within the community itself. But how can we each succeed with our own contribution journey?

How do we get started? How do we keep it going? How do we balance the rewards, the expectations and have time to look after ourselves? This is so much to take on alone. You need to embrace the community!

This session aims to explore how you can :
- Succeed at getting started with contribution.
- Find your place within the community.
- Maintain your contributions in a healthy way.

About the speaker:
Emma is a Drupal Community Advocate and complete contribution addict. Over the past 5 years Emma has dabbled in all types of contribution in the Drupal community and as a result has a ton of experiences that need to be shared with everyone. Emma's current contributions focus on the mental health of the contributing community and how best to support individuals. Her current responsibilities include being a member of the Community Working Group and the 'Being Human' DrupalCon track curator and lead for DrupalCon Dublin.