Drupal 8 learnings as a site builder: Media, Paragraphs, Configuration Management & Display Suite

Site building & case studies
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I have worked as a freelance Site Builder & Front End developer on a few Drupal 8 projects and have learned a lot. In this session I'd like to share these learnings with you! I will guide you through the differences I found in site-building modules (Media & slideshows), which ones weren’t usable and what was used instead. I will also demonstrate how I used Media, Paragraphs, Configuration Manager & Display Suite. Specifically I will give an intro to the various Media modules and demonstrate how to configure the ability to add re-usable images and add new media bundles for documents with tagging for use in views. I will give live demonstrations of how I've imported and exported configuration, adding new paragraph types and adding block fields via display suite. I will show you how I improved the user experience nicer for content editors. I have given draft versions of this talk at the Budapest Drupal User Group & London Drupal Show and Tell.