Create Drupal content by sending an email

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Wouldn’t it be nice to create content in Drupal 8 just by sending an email?
You might wonder why we need emails in 2016? The users can just do it by logging on a Drupal site or via a mobile app?

Even though there is a new communication tool around almost every week, the statistics says there are over 4,353M email accounts available in 2015. The number of business emails sent and received per user per day totals 122 emails per day (Radicati Group). They predict steady growth of around ~6% new emails accounts per year until 2019. Based on this data, we can make a conclusion that users are still okay with emails.

The Mailhandler module for Drupal 8 allows you to create Drupal content using your favorite email client. In case you are in hurry, on mobile or don't have time to update your website in a traditional way, this is the right module for you.

The module ships with default support for PGP-signed emails which guarantees 3 main principles: authentication, integrity and non-repudiation.

The module was developed during Google Summer of Code 2016 program as one of the 11 selected student Drupal projects.

Besides the content (node) creation, Mailhandler enables you to create comments via email as well. It is a quite useful feature in case you want to reply to the comment notification you received.

The presentation will describe the architecture of Mailhandler and Inmail modules, explain the identified use cases, show the current features via demo and reveal the future ideas.