Community Collaborations 101

Site building & case studies
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Drupal 8 is ready and it’s awesome! A lot companies have started to use it for small projects and customers love it. Problems arise when specific contributed modules are needed to fulfill special requirements. Questions like “When will this module be ready?” or “Are you planning to port this module to Drupal 8?” are appear constantly in issue queues and on social media. Even with great initiatives like module accelerator programs ( there is still a lot work to do so the community needs your help. In this session we will tell you a real story about how, from one need of porting a module to Drupal 8, a great relationship has born and how this collaboration have benefited not only both parts but the whole Drupal community. The session is intended to show a real scenario of all the examples and ideas proposed during the Business Day so if you plan to attend the CxO you shouldn’t miss it! Also if you are enthusiastic about our Drupal community, regardless of the role you play in it or your company, this session will be a big asset to community collaboration. It provides a non technical answer the question: How do we get stuff done?