Beginner’s Guide to Single Page Applications with Drupal 8 + AngularJS

Experience level: 

The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of what are Single Page Applications, why they are becoming so popular and how Drupal 8 REST API could be used together with AngularJS to create SPAs. The talk contains three main sections:

  1. Single Page Applications - overview, history, architecture considerations, why using SPAs
  2. AngularJS - what is AngularJS and why people like it so much
  3. Drupal 8 REST API + AngularJS - capabilities, short overview and demo of a simple SPA based on Drupal 8 + AngularJS

At the end of the talk people will know the following:

  • What is a single page application and what are the advantages of using SPAs
  • What is AngularJS and how it can be used together with Drupal 8 and the REST API
  • During the talk a simple Drupal 8 + AngularJS app will be presented and code samples will be provided


Session slides