Ask not what the community can do for you, ask what you can do for the community

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Being a company or an individual that depends on Drupal to accomplish every day’s work makes you very sensitive for the decisions that the community will make. Depending one’s entire business model on a free software project is very different from basing it on an internally-build, proprietary solution. It comes with many advantages but also some challenges.
If your destiny depends on a software that you don’t exclusively control your destiny depends on people that do control it. If you are just a spectator you basically give away the control over your own future (which is something no open source user wants, right?). Of course there is a solution to that. Step up, get involved and make sure your voice is heard. But this is sometimes hard to do... With the daily routine, clients and deadlines there is barely enough time to read the daily newspaper. Don’t even think about the more active involvement in the community!
At MD Systems we managed to get over those limitations and thus became one of the biggest contributors to Drupal while being one of the smallest companies in the community. We will share our experience and suggest some easy steps to start following our footsteps.

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