21 things I learned with Twig & Drupal

Frontend & mobile
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Theming in Drupal8 was a massive shift from phptemplate to twig, but its more than changing the syntax. We changed the way of thinking about Drupal theming. Drupal twig theming is easy to learn, powerful, flexible and overall as awesome as warm coffee on a rainy day. The downside is that all the things you learned in Drupal now have to be relearned - Yes it's by design.

Over the last 4 years we (the frontend drupaltwig group) we got one burning question from the Drupal community.

“How I do this right the first time ? ”

The session will be a hands on, based on all the things I learned from designing the system with the drupaltwig team (aka the "twigtwams") and when building Drupal8 themes. We want to make sure you get Drupal8 theming right the first time. The examples will be mixed with background info & all the secret dirty stories from the last 10+ years of Drupal theming & where we go in the future.

The secret plan behind it all, understand the concept & why we changed everything in Drupal8
Template building: understanding the template suggestions & how to organise 120+ template files.
Base theme(s) - do you need em?
"Modern" CSS structures & templates, how it all fits together.
Developer Tools & how to make your life easier
CSS selectors & markup that goes to 11
and all the tips, tricks & dirty secrets that can fit into a 45 minutes